RFA Hebe

6th September 2008, 19:44
Does anyone out there know anything about the hebe .Iwas on her for one week only in chatham docks before she went to the states to supply bread for the marines in1976. any imfo gratefully recieved

thanks secondcook(Thumb)

6th September 2008, 22:24
RFA Hebe. Chartered from BI in 1962. Spent most of her life running from Chatham to Singapore. Seriously damaged by arson in Gibraltar in 1978. Returned to owners, sold and renamed Good Guardian and then Guardian. Scrapped 1987. 3 pics in the Gallery.

7th September 2008, 15:38
thanks for imfo on the hebe ,as l recall a small hot little ship ,no room to swins a cat but very lively and close knit .(Thumb)

Pete Legg
8th September 2008, 19:01
RFA Hebe (A406) girded the Tug TID 97.
RMAS Tug TID 97 completed in 1944. On 29 December 1962 TID 97 was one of four small tugs attempting to manoeuvre the RFA Store ship Hebe in Chatham’s No 3. Basin. With a blustery wind acting against the slab-sided hull of the lightly loaded ship, the small harbour tugs were struggling to maintain control of their charge. In an effort to assist the tugs accomplish their task and to prevent his ship from striking a lighter berthed near his stern, Hebe’s master ordered that is ship’s main engine be manoeuvred ahead slightly. Their vessel secured to the store ship’s starboard quarter, out of sight of the larger ship’s bridge, the crew of TID 97 was attempting to prevent Hebe’s stern from swinging to port. Unfortunately due to Hebe’s ahead manoeuvre, the gut’s towing cable was hauled at right angles to the centre line. Before the cable could be slipped the 54 ton vessel was girded and at 1533, TID 97 capsized to Port and quickly sank. The tug’s master and two of the engine room crew were drowned. TID 97 was subsequently salvaged on 4 January 1963 and sold for scrap in October.