Rig of "Tenacious"

Steve Hodges
9th September 2008, 22:41
I had the opportunity of a close look at the sail training ship "Tenacious" at Tilbury the other day. She is an interesting vessel, being designed to take physically handicapped folks as part of the working crew, and I assume that the other Jubilee Sailing Trust vessel "Lord Nelson" is similar. I 'm no expert on square rig but I've sailed (briefly) a couple of times on the "Prince William", and I could see that there were several things very different about the sails on "Tenacious". Perhaps someone could clarify a couple of points for me?
- Apart from the courses and the lower topsails, all the other square sails appeared to be roller reefed inside the spars. Is this right? and are these the only sail training ships with this arrangement?
- All the jibs appeared to be roller-reefed as well, as in modern yachts. Does this mean that the sails have to be of much lighter material?or smaller in area?
- The spanker on the mizzen appeared to be fixed to some sort of roller track inside the gaff. Is this again a scaling-up of yacht practice ?
I would be interested to hear from anyone familiar with this vessel, or who can point me to a source of further detail on her rig. The Jubilee Sailing Trust website doesn't go into much detail, and I have become quite intrigued!