SS Maidan I (1902-1923)

10th September 2008, 17:00
We are a group of Belgian divers specialized in technical diving, and are shooting video and photos of our dives. We’ve recently started a website ( to promote technical diving with short videos, tests, interviews …

In a couple of weeks, we will explore the wreck of the Maidan, the ship that sunk in 1923 in the Red Sea. For our final video, we are looking for more information about this wreck. Any photos of the original ship or other information would be more than welcome.

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Tony Sprigings
10th September 2008, 18:28
The vessel you refer to was built in 1912. She was built at William Hamilton. Port Glasgow. She was a sister ship to Mandasor (1)
Dimensions:- 500/152.4 x 58.2/17.73 x 32.7/9.97. E Sgl scr,quad exp.747 nhp. 2dbl + 2 sgl blrs. 220 psi. 12 knots By D.Rowan & Co . Glasgow.
There is an outline drawing of her in the Duncan Haws book Merchant Fleets (Thos & Jno. Brocklebank)
Hope this is of help. Capt. A.C. Sprigings

11th September 2008, 09:05
it seems that vol. 27 of the Duncan Haws book Merchant Fleets is sold out...
Does anyone know where to find a copy with the outline drawing?

11th September 2008, 11:56

There is quite a bit of information on ss Maidan available on-line.
You have probably seen these sites before but have a look here, ( ( and here. (
Interesting that the second link states that the wreck has not yet been been found however, it does give a good history of the vessel. (Thumb)

22nd September 2008, 09:22
Hello all,

Many thanks for all the help and information! We're leaving tomorrow, can't wait to be in the water again. I'll post some stills as soon as we're back...


18th October 2008, 11:43
Hello all,

We're back from our divetrip to Egypt, and managed to visit the wreck of the Maidan I, a dive that took us to 100 m.
I'm finalising the podcast, and it will be released soon on our website. In the meantime, I already wanted to post a couple of stills taken from down below, showing the Maidan lying in 80 to 120 meter of water. Simply magnificent!

Derek Roger
18th October 2008, 15:42
Thanks for that Lisbeth; very nice . Derek

5th January 2009, 18:04
Hello all,

Submerge Productions is proud to present our first Wreck Talk!

Short description

A beautiful wreck, over hundred meter long in crystal clear water in the Egyptian Red Sea … the dream of every wreck diver.
But not without some challenges!

The vessel sank in 100 meters (330 feet) of water on a small remote island. Currents can be strong in this part of the Red Sea. Finding the wreck is not easy because there is no permanent marker on the wreck and the location is only known to a select group of people. And if a diving accident were to happen … the nearest deco chamber is hours away.

The “Maidan” is certainly not your average wreck dive!

In October 2008, the Submerge Productions team had the opportunity to do a single dive on this rarely dived wreck. This video podcast tells the story of their dive, shows you this magnificent wreck and gives you an overall impression of what deep wreck diving is all about.

We hope you enjoy it.

The video can be found at:

Derek Roger
5th January 2009, 20:48
Thanks Lisebeth ;
Wonderfull dive with nice shots . A lot of ex Brocklebanks on the site so Im sure there will be a lot of views .

My late Father and my Brother were also with Brocklebanks .

The next Maidan was sunk during the war by the Admiral Scheer at the time of The Jervis Bay convoy engagment . Good luck in finding her in mid Atlantic .

I sailed as 4th Engineer on the last Brocklebank Maidan in 1968 ( as an aside Maidan is pronounced Mi dan 'a' is mute )

You are probabley aware the Maidan is a large green parkland in the middle of Calcutta by the river Hooghly.

Many thanks again for sharing your teams efforts .

Kind Regards Derek

Tony Sprigings
8th January 2009, 15:36
Thanks for a wonderful underwater view of the Maidan 1. I am sure you enjoyed the experience and I certainly enjoyed your film. Many thanks.
Regards to you all and Happy New Year.
Tony Sprigings

15th April 2009, 20:12
A Brocklebank ship, I am sure if she was raised and the steam valve was opened the engine would start up again!

16th April 2009, 04:38
Liesbeth, thank you for sharing your dive with us. I wish I had found the video sooner!
As a former pleasure diver, though certainly not at those depths, I can appreciate the risks you took at that remote site.
It would have been an exhilarating experience for you and your buddies.
Thanks again.


Taffy R556959

1st October 2012, 14:04
Hi I'm Phil,
a keen wreck diver in the Redsea, but my main reason for joining is my wife's research on her Great Grandfather. He was known as a "Maidaner" and we think it means he was a survivor of the sinking of the SS Maidan. He was a latter-day Indiana Jones traveling the world to find insect/animal species for museums and Victorian private collectors. A Naturalist Importer, acceptable and respected in this age.

Any info please.

14th April 2013, 20:36
Hi to all,

a few years ago we found on one of the scuba diving forums a short video made by Submerge Productions Team from the dive on SS Maidan and from this time we did everything to dive the wreck.
After two years of preparation, we managed to organize a dive expedition to SS Maidan when we found its position. A year later, on another expedition to SS Maidan, the following video footage was made

The fact that the above video was taken was mostly thanks to the videos taken by Liesbeth and Submerge Productions Team.


15th April 2013, 18:02
Thank You for sharing the video!