Elizabeth Bowater---Wimpey Sealab

Steve Gray
3rd July 2005, 23:34

I worked on the Wimpey Sealab after she was converted from the Elizabeth Bowater, I would love to see any photos of her in either form, the last time I saw her she was in Haugesund as the Norskald in 2004.


5th July 2005, 16:01
She finally went for scrap earlier this year.

(Further details tomorrow if I can remember to get them tonight !)



david smith
5th July 2005, 16:13
look at http://www.clydeshipping.co.uk/viewalbum.asp?folder=Bowater+shipping for pics of her as both Elizabeth Bowater and Wimpey sealab and after.

Steve Gray
5th July 2005, 21:06
Many thanks Andy & David, although its sad to hear that she is in bits now,
I can remember when we were drilling in the English channel off Penzance we were "investigated" by a Russian "factory" ship festooned with tracking equipment.


6th December 2005, 17:34
Have put a nice photo of her in the Gallery(under special purpose vessels.)

27th December 2005, 22:45
Wimpey Sealab was actully scrapped in June 2003 she was towed to a metal recycle company in Latvia and made into nails screw and other materials used in the building trade. My dad Richard Howatson sailed on this ship when she was the Elizabeth Bowater, he was the a 2nd Mate. Its a long story but we went on the ship while she was at Esjberg, Denmark in January 2003, i also went back in March and May and took many photographs of her, i was also lucky enough to get a few bits off her, clock from Captains cabin, shipyard drawings, files, a some bits out of the engineroom including the telegraph repeater. I will post some photographs.

neil maclachlan
28th December 2005, 17:18
Hi Steve,
Was interested in what became of the wee Bowwater boats,remember them well, we used to drydock them at the Greenock Dockyard Company, My memory was they were originally built for the great lakes trade and had a propeller built into the Rudder, I think called a Plugger Propeller? Also I think were fitted with bow thrusters?used to see them occasionally in Detroit Michigan.
Neil Mac.