Possible Wreck near Ketchikan, Alaska

10th September 2008, 21:32
While I was in Ketchikan over this summer, I can across a large assortment of machinery and other relics sprinkled over an area of rocky shore just to the south of the city.
Sitting out at the lowest extent were a pair of rusted boilers, with other large pieces of heavily corroded metal. Many other machinery parts were also present. Also of note were numerous pieces of broken China throughout the area, along with lots of glass bottles and jars. I was able to pinpoint the date off of several as being from the early 1920's.
I have numerous pictures I can reference with several markings of China and on machinery in case anyone would be interested in helping me discover the identity of these remains, as my best guess is they came from some kind of ship.

13th September 2008, 16:26

A quick search of The Times brings up the following possibilities: one lost steamer in 1935 and one destroyed lighthouse in 1946. I don't know the geography in Alaska at all, so you may be able to discount these from details in the reports.

The Times, Wednesday, May 22, 1935
The Alaska Steamship Company's
freighter Denali (3,432 tons), en route
from Seattle to Alaskan ports, went
aground on a reef off Zayas Island, half-
way between Prince Rupert, British
Columbia, and Ketchikan, in Alaska, at
3 a.m. on Sunday and later became a total
Of her passengers and crew 39 were
taken off in the ship's boats and reached
the island through heavy surf. Captain
Healy and two officers remained on board
until the U.S. Coastguard cutter Cyane
reached the wreck from Ketchikan at
9 a.m. yesterday and took them off. Fire
had broken out in the engine-room and
soon after their rescue 100 tons of
dynamite in cargo for use in the Alaskan
mines exploded and completed the
destruction of the ship. The Cyane later
rescued the party on Zayas Island.

The Times, Tuesday, Apr 02, 1946
KETCHIKAN, ALASKA. April 1.- A tidal wave
to-day destroyed Scotch Cap lighthouse
station, with the loss of all five of its crew.
Scotch Cap is at the entrance to Unimak Pass,
which forms the gateway to the Bering Sea
from the north Pacific. The lighthouse was at
least 100ft, above water.
The United States Navy Department has
warned shipping in the north Pacific to be pre-
pared for 90ft. waves.


22nd September 2008, 00:36
Thanks for the help.
Unfortunately, though, this wreck was considerably closer to the city, about only a mile or so south of downtown Ketchikan. I'll add some photos of the remains if anyone thinks they could be helpful in identifying them.