Principessa Iolanda

4th July 2005, 11:07
This ship was the first of two built in 1907 / 1908 for Lloyd Italiano; the second was the better known (and also ill fated) Principessa Mafalda.
During the launch in Riva Trigoso yard, on 22 september 1907, the underwater section of the slipway collapsed, and the sip too a heavy list on port side, embarking water and sinking in a couple of hours, without casualties.
Judged no worth of rescue, she was dismantled on side. Sone iron scraps can stilll be seen on the sea bottom.

Paul UK
4th July 2005, 13:18
Full story of this line and inicident was in Ships monthly I think April or May
very interesting history.

Paul UK (Read)

fred henderson
4th July 2005, 15:14
Most UK lecturers in naval architecture used this unfortunate incident to gain their students attention before starting a lecture on launch calculations.


7th July 2005, 10:22
(Thumb) talking of mis calculations a couple of years ago we launched a ice breaker , the engineers ( office bound) didnt do their sums, the side ways launch , and the resulting sunami washed the almost five hundred guests , out of the grandstand , covering them with mississippi mud and all kinds of gook , , which didnt do a lot of good to all those white uniforms ans cocktail dresses , mean while the shipyard workers who had been shifted off to one side never got there feet wet , we dont try those kind of launches any more lol dave

Talking of artificial tsunami, when the first hydrojet propelled ferry built by Fincantieri leaved La Spezia for sea trials, her route passed near a small beach just off the harbour dyke. It was the bathing season, the beach was full of people, and most came near the water, watching at the new ship passing by. In that moment the captain ringed for full speed, forgetting the unusual type of propulsion. The water jets and the wave due to the sudden acceleration washed completely the beach, taking away chairs, sunshades, towels, and drenching all the people standing near the water... At least, in this case, they were already in bathing suit.

21st August 2015, 18:43