S.a. Vaal

4th July 2005, 20:45
Passenger Liner In Cape Town Docks. Photo Is Taken From A Postcards , Which Were Sent To Me By My Brother. He Was Serving On The Windsor Castle At The Time. Around About 1968-69.

19th February 2006, 13:48
Has your brother been on or worked on as staff on the SA Vaal? I did the voyage from Durban South africa for the first time I Think 1968/9 cant remember which year it was exactly as I was still a child I have been on many trips to the uk and back. after that I also did a trip on the Edinburgh castle..

19th February 2006, 14:50
Welcome Malaika to the site enjoy it and all it has to offer.

23rd February 2006, 18:41
Welcome Malaika to the site enjoy it and all it has to offer.
Does anyone have old pictures of the SA Vaal? from a past trip perhaps? like the crossing of the line and other on board activities? My First trip on the Vaal was in 1968 I was a mere child then.. my last trip I think was in 1972/3 (H) any pics would be most welcomed.. thank you.. Malaika (Applause)

28th February 2006, 21:38
Have posted a scanned pic of SA VAAL from my collection today for you. WDM

17th May 2006, 06:20
Ahoy Malaika,
Here a lovely shot of her taken by Ian Shiffmann in 1977 off Cape Town.
S.A.Vaal1966 ex Transvaal Castle1961
I.Shiffman & L.M.Correia collection [Postcards]

5th January 2009, 23:31
Wondeful liner. I'm attaching two pics from the deckplan. :sweat:

tony cripps52
17th August 2015, 13:47
Hello all,
I sailed on the Vaal from dec 70 till nov 73, I am in the process of scanning old slides and photos of my time at sea so no doubt I will come across some shots.