4th July 2005, 21:38
Completed by John Brown at Clydebank in 1966 for Swedish America Line.She later became P&Os SEA PRINCESS and lost her forward funnel and had her aft funnel extended which destroyed her looks.Now still going as MONA LISA.
This was taken pre desecration days in Hamburg in 1972.
Original reposted following Ron attention.

Doug Rogers
5th July 2005, 04:06
She was a nice looking ship as completed, P&O certainly did nothing for her looks with their alterations. Never sailed on her although it looked at one time as though I would!!. From what I know of her she certainly gave P&O a good run for her money although I believe that they would have liked a little bit more speed from her particularly when she was involved in Pacific cruises to or from Oz.

Paul UK
5th July 2005, 07:57
Parents sailed on her as Victoria and loved every inch, I saw her in Lisbon last September 2004 looked OK I suppose if you like the masterpiece on her funnel.

Paul UK

5th July 2005, 14:07
I remember her from the late 60s when she used to anchor at Walton Bay & her passengers were taken ashore by P & A Campbell vessels. I think she called twice a year but im not sure as I was only a nipper at the time!

25th January 2015, 21:53
Kungsholm used to anchor in Torbay once or twice a year in the early 70's, and some passengers would go ashore for a coach excursion over Dartmoor. They would be landed on Haldon Pier, Torquay, and then she sailed for Plymouth where she would pick them up later that day. Occasionally she would wait at anchor off Torquay for the returning day trippers. She used her own motor lifeboats to transfer the tourists.

john g
13th March 2015, 19:18
An absolute classic hull line ,the rest functional . Did first cruise on her as Victoria probably the best ever ...none of todays flash grab your cash approach.