British Comet info.

18th September 2008, 01:04
G'day from NZ again ! Reading stuff on the notice board yesterday, I saw that someone was looking for info. about British Comet. The following comes out of my Discharge Book ( R681508 ! ):- Signed on as 3rd Mate , Nov.64; paid off April '65. Comet's Port of Registry...London; Official No. 301191; Nett Register Tonnage 12700.87. SHP ( = Steam Horse Power ? ) 14000. I hope this info. will be a help. Also I see from studying the Official Numbers of the many ships I sailed on, that the O.N. is agood guide line to the date of Building. ie:- The ss."John Holt "built 1942 was the second ship I was on, and the British Guardsman was the last, almost new when I sailed on her late '65.John Holt's O.N. was much lower than B.Guardsman's. Maybe there is a web-site which lists Official Numbers ? Cheers the Noo ! Bruce Graham

18th September 2008, 13:09
Hello Bruce. The John Holt of 1942 was torpedoed and sunk on 5-March-1944 @ 3.56N / 7.36E. The last John Holt of 1946 was sold and became Kavo Matapas in 1963 and Tung Lee in 1966, went to breakers 1968. Info taken from Miramar site, link is below. Ken.