H. Clarkson & Co Ltd., London

27th September 2008, 13:53
CLARKSPEY on sea trials, specially fitted out for the St Lawrence Seaways:built Lithgows ltd 1960 -PORT CAMPBELL 61-KINGS REACH 66-ALDERNMISTER 69-JOLI 75-FLORA C 76.BU Chittangong 22-10-82.

27th September 2008, 14:15
I sailed on the MV Clarkavon in 1958.
Iron ore from Canada to the Tees if my memory serves me.

27th September 2008, 16:35
Joined Clarkspey at Greenock on her maiden Voyage as 2nd Eng 23/3/60
not one of my best memories Doxford Man Not fond of BW Engines
yours ALBATROSS 1923

27th September 2008, 17:23
Sailed on the Clarkeden in 1958. Maiden voyage.
Tommy Cormack was master.