Nil Desperandum

Richards Shipbuilder
1st October 2008, 21:03
Does anyone know what her fate was?
She was yard no.1 at RICHARDS IRONWORKS LOWESTOFT in 1876.
dimensions 57' x 17' Drifter(==D)

4th October 2008, 21:48
Have you tried the Maritime Museum or Port of Lowestoft Research Society - or are you a member already?

Richards Shipbuilder
24th October 2008, 22:51
Tryed Maritime museum no luck I'm afraid.(POP)

6th November 2008, 08:50
Might be totally wrong here, but I am sure that was one of the 5/6 wrecks off some place that was mentioned in JOURNEYS TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA programme ......they did a programme on her or some ship with near identical name if not.