STUK Recruitment Brochure 1982

3rd October 2008, 13:17
Hi, I joined Shell Tankers in 1982 as an engineer cadet. The recruitment brochure they used had a picture of a tanker passing Mount Fuji on the front cover. Does anyone have any information on this picture or can they point me in the direction of an online copy. I've always assumed that it was one of the LNG "G" boats, but a colleague thinks it may have been an "E" class products tanker.
The reason for asking is that my daughter is wondering why a lad from Bolton chose a career at sea. I've always said that it was because of this photograph, now she wants to see the photograph.
I've had a look through Google and but nothing is coming up.
Thanks in advance.

3rd October 2008, 19:09
the tanker in question could be the eburna of falklands campaign or the ebalina.see eburna in the photo gallery of tankers you will see mt fuji in background posted by patalava

4th October 2008, 19:24
Many thanks for that.

I sailed on the Entalina in 1985.

6th October 2008, 08:02
Entalina was a "Canadian E" boat.

The "Japanese E" boats were far superior in my opinion.