Another point of view

9th July 2005, 06:16
At the risk of getting lots of flames let me put another point of view on old photographs. Out of respect for Ron and the great contribution he has made to the quality of images on this site I have tried my hand at retouching an old ďcrossing the lineĒ certificate and have posted the before and after.

The whole thing took me about 20 hours and I know with practice I would be able to do a ten times better job in a lot less time.

First let me say I found the whole process totally boring and would rather sit and watch paint dry, itís just not my cup of tea, I would much rather spend the time fiddling with my short wave radios or working with a nice piece of timber down in my workshop

Secondly I think the Mandersonised version doesnít look or feel authentic, itís a bit like an aging lady of the night all tarted up, on the original I know every stain and itís history.

To me fiddling with something like that is like getting a beautiful old Chippendale antique chair and slobbering red enamel paint all over it.

Sometimes when I see on this site a photo of a beautiful old ship that someone has put a lot of time and dedication into improving I feel like asking the person who posted it for a copy of the original, warts and all, with all the character of itís stains, creases and scars.

I know Iím in the minority here and out of respect to the members I do not post any more of my old photos (donít worry youíre not missing much), Iím also aware that Ron in his usual generous manner would willingly retouch any photos for me.

Also please do not feel the need to leap to Ronís defence because I have the highest respect for what he does for this site and I have already stated publicly and in private messages the esteem I hold him in, I just wanted to put forward another point of view.

9th July 2005, 07:05
I tend to agree with you Derek. There is something to be said for the "warts and all" type photo. Like you, I also have other things to do, but I do make an attempt at improving a photo once I've scanned it with the limited facilities I have available.
Ron has worked his magic on some of my photos as well and if I like the result, I re-post it with suitable acknowledgement. There have been occassions when I personally don't like the upgraded version and therefore don't re-post.
It all comes down to a matter of taste and depends on one having the time to do an "upgrade". Having a programme installed to do a good job also comes into it - I have a photo programme no-one else seems to have heard of, but I have no intention of downloading a programme such as that Ron recommends. I'm happy with what I have.
Bottom line with me is wysiwyg (what you see is what you get), but Ron is always welcome to work his magic on them if he so wishes.
Looks like I might be joining you in the firing line Derek.............

9th July 2005, 07:36
Spot on David I have much better things to do with my money than buying photo software. Maybe we should start an ugly photo forum and get immunity from the image police. Seriously though, as you say, it's all a matter of taste and we are lucky on this site that we can express our opinions and show our individual taste.

9th July 2005, 08:14
We do all have our own interests Dave and I would say that the photos you described about your good lady's grandparents would have needed a bit of TLC and would have been a very rewarding excercise for all concerned.

By the way do I get the impression you are an ex radio officer? If so would you mind getting a private message from me chasing some radio frequencies?

9th July 2005, 09:49
As we agree Ron you are doing what you enjoy doing and long may you enjoy it, me, well I like to have my photos just like myself, old, wrinkled, tattered and battered