Capetan Andreas

Bob S
9th July 2005, 17:59
Could this be an old Ben Line ship?
Seen in Constanza (Romania) during April 1972 bearing the name CAPETAN ANDREAS under the Panamanian flag.

fred henderson
9th July 2005, 22:27
I do not think she is an old Ben. Too small. Looks very British though. Perhaps an Elder Dempster?


10th July 2005, 00:30
Unless the photo has been Mandersonised the funnel is the wrong yellow and she doesn't seem to have the imitation wood grain bulkheads which were a Ben Line trade mark

10th July 2005, 01:00
Derek the photo has definately NOT been through the Bat Cave as Ron would not let a picture loose looking like that!
Ships CAT
I didn't mean to imply Ron had done it, I was referring more to the process he has taught us. By the way what is the new avatar I can't quite make out all the letters?

Doug Rogers
10th July 2005, 02:52
Could it be Richardson and Company??, cant quite see enough of the first letter. Like it anyway!!

Bob S
10th July 2005, 16:17
Derek the photo has definately NOT been through the Bat Cave as Ron would not let a picture loose looking like that!
Ships CAT

Thanks Zelda!!

Doubt if Ron could do much more with it anyway (that's not a challenge Ron). It's enlarged out of a port scene, about an eigth of the original, didn't have a decent telephoto in them days.

11th July 2005, 00:45
Ecuse me for stealing your picture Bob not such a word as CANT

Just to prove that what I said about a auto enhance can do a lot.
Put the dpi up to 150 to work on it
easy .

If some one reckons that the before is best .well ? borrow my speeks
I have some spare .
That is all I will say in the matter I click does the trick.
And as they say "please yourself"

again thanks Bob for the use.
The white flag is flying I unconditionally surrender

Bob S
11th July 2005, 18:21
Nice one Ron, you are the man.
Just bought a restore/enhance software programe, give me a bit of time and I'll see if I can impress you..... but don't hold your breath, very busy at the moment.


Paul Barford
29th September 2007, 14:32
Just found this, the Capetan Andreas was built as the ANDALUSIAN, 3913gt, was a product of Wm Gray at Hartlepool in 6.1950. Renamed CITY OF ELY in 1962 while still with Ellerman's and reverted to ANDALUSIAN in 1964. Sold and renamed CAPETAN ANDREAS P in 1966; damaged by fire 1.1974.

30th September 2007, 15:55
SS Andalusian 3913t 1950 built by Wm Gray @ West Hartlepool.
360.0 x 53.1 x 21.1. Cyl up& Downer with a LP turbine DR geared to one screw shaft. 2 Single ended boilers 225 psi. Machinery built by Central Marine Engine works at West Hartlepool (W Gray & Co Ltd) DF,ESD, GyC,
Radar. Code flags MFJM. 1 Deck and shelter deck. ruiser stern. British flag. Registered at Liverpool and owned by Ellerman & Papayanni Lines.