king alexander

9th July 2005, 20:19
made a mees with the photo again graham

Bob S
10th July 2005, 17:21
And the spelling by the look of it.

Ha Ha Ha


10th July 2005, 22:52
i have now met the person who has never made a error bob

Bob S
11th July 2005, 19:26
You will have to introduce him to me.
In my first post I spelt Calshot as Cowshot, and I couldn't even put that down to finger error.
Welcome to the site, enjoy.

Bob S
12th July 2005, 20:41
Yes, you certainly did. I remember thinking to myself, "well, that made a good impression".

Doug Rogers
13th July 2005, 02:22
Well as long as no one slingshots the cowshot we will all be OK!!