City of Mandalay

8th October 2008, 21:00
Hi, I hope someone could help, my friend and I are eager to get our hands on a crew list for the above ship for around 1924, does anyone have such information on here?.

My friend has found some letters from a gentleman called George that was writing to a lady called Marjorie Windsor Smith and these letters were found in a house, when the person died, we don't know whose house it was, we are hoping that finding out the George who wrote these letters may hold the key! (or someone close to him, as George wouldn't be alive now!)

Many Thanks, Alison

Hugh MacLean
8th October 2008, 21:26
Hello Alison and welcome,

CITY OF MANDALAY although launched in November 1924 was not completed until Jan 1925. The earliest crew agreement I can find is for the year 1926.

She was torpedoed and lost in 1939.


8th October 2008, 21:32
Do you have the list to hand by any chance?


Hugh MacLean
8th October 2008, 21:47
I am afraid not Alison. Terrible as it may seem but many of our Merchant Navy records are not even held in our own country.

Records for this period are held at the Maritime History Archive in Canada. The link is here:

If you need further info just post back.