Dave Sparks

ian keyl
17th October 2008, 21:06
Does anyone out there know of Dave Sparks, he was a cadet with port line and sailed as 2nd mate i think ,he came ashore in 72/3 as ship planner for ACT and worked in Liverpool Seaforth Container berth , then moved to Soton and worked in cargo dept and becmae ACTS Cargo care manager,until we were taken over by P&O in 91.
Dave moved to france and married anEgyptian girl who worked for UN in Geneva, Dave did various studies for UN around the world and odd jobs in UK for previous customers .
Dave has since disappeared and I have lost contact .

Many thanks Ian.

K urgess
17th October 2008, 21:20
I've moved your post into it's own thread for a better response from the crew.
Best of luck with your query.

ian keyl
17th October 2008, 22:07
Many thanks for your assistance .

Rgds ian.

17th October 2008, 22:11
Have you tried friendsreunited ? As a port line cadet he may have been to Warsash, Conway or Worcester pre-sea schools . have you contacted their assocaitions ?
good luck

17th October 2008, 22:53
I know a Dave Sparks, but he was from Glasgow and sailed in trawlers then worked for Honeywell

24th October 2008, 06:44
Try "vintage port" - a port line reunion association web site. Find it through www.red-duster.co.uk/PORT4.html.There's bound to be someone there who can help you.