P.S. Duchess of Hamilton

Alan Blair
12th July 2005, 11:25
I found this photo in an old magazine and it just cried out to be painted, I'll show you a pic of the finished then I'll show you how I got there, hope this doesn't bore everybody-----Alan

Alan Blair
12th July 2005, 11:27
And here is the next stages, I hope this is of any use to you-----many thanks----------Alan

4th February 2006, 20:26
Very nice art work and a real old caley paddler ( buff funnel...lovely! )

Archie Nicol
15th March 2006, 00:59
I tried to paint that photo too.
Not as good as yours.

Alan Blair
11th April 2006, 01:49
Thanks Roadrunner

Thanks Archie your painting looks fine, it certainly is an impressive livery the old Caley

Many thanks --------Alan