Shipside Graffiti

18th October 2008, 09:56
When I was on an "L" boat (300,000+ tonnes) we got orders for Ceyhan in Turkey to load Iraqi Crude. Slight problem our deadweight exceeded the maximum permitted for the port.

So Shell made us stop off Malta, carry out a full Loadline Survey with the Lloyds Surveyor in attendance while officially reducing the deadweight of the ship to just under what was allowed at Ceyhan.

We obviously had to change/move the Loadline and associated markings on the ships side. Lots of headscratching, looking in books and calculations done we made a large stencil and dangled the surveyor and some AB's over the side on a stage. When the surveyor was happy with the measurements and positioning of the stencil he left the AB's to carry on with the painting.

While the surveyor was preparing the certificate and other paperwork the agent came on board from the launch and his first words to the Old Man were "Who is Chivers?"
The Old Man said "the only Chivers I know is Head of Personnel with STUK".
The agent laughed and said "Well, apparently he sucks".

Apparently after they had finished painting the Loadline, our illustrious AB's had daubed "CHIVERS SUCKS" in 2 foot high white letters down the ships side.

Everyone had a wry smile.

18th October 2008, 10:03
Didn't anybody invite Alan Chivers along to view the masterpiece!


18th October 2008, 11:08
No, it didn't last that long, the offenders had to remove it, smartish

I forget why the AB's had it in for him. Think maybe he visited the ship in Europe with bad news for ratings, but can't really remember. I certainly didn't have a problem with him, although I think many did.

18th October 2008, 13:37
Hi Roy

First point I remember Alan Chivers well, can't say I had any problems with him. Used to speak to him often when arranging crew changes.
Second point. Sorry but can't remember Chief Stewards name on Halia at that time. Possibly Peter Pacheco!


John Glover
18th October 2008, 13:37
Does anyone rmember when Liverpool played AJAX in the early seventies, Liverpool lost 4 - 0. Blue funnel ship AJAX was in a continental port at the time and some wag (thats a humerous person , not a girlfriend) painted on the stern
Liverpool 0

regards to all
john glover

18th October 2008, 13:40
John don't get too personal with us scousers.
We take our football very seriously just like politics.
Always somebody game for a laugh!


John Glover
18th October 2008, 16:28
Hello Keith,
Scouser myself M8, and we always laugh at ourselves first don't we.

18th October 2008, 17:42
Hi Roy

First point I remember Alan Chivers well, can't say I had any problems with him. Used to speak to him often when arranging crew changes.
Second point. Sorry but can't remember Chief Stewards name on Halia at that time. Possibly Peter Pacheco!


Ah Peter Pacheco, remember him well. Got on fine with Peter, he's certainly quite a character. Many times out on the deck he's drinking a can of orange juice, one time I said 'thats not a drink Peter' to which he held the can out to me - one sniff, mostly vodka. Every time I saw him with an orange juice he smiled... Any idea where he is now?



19th October 2008, 05:47
Correct John.

Mike would think happily retired enjoying himself.
Very straight laced fellow and would always see him in his uniform walking around. Many of the Chief Stewards didnt bother putting one on.


19th October 2008, 08:47
Keith, I don't think it was Peter Pacheco who was the CH/Stwd when the Halia went to scrap. I would remember an unusual name like that.

I am pretty sure the fellow I am thinking of was from the Teesside area and had a private pilots licence and flew out of the Roy Chubby Brown International Airport a.k.a. Teesside, a.k.a Durham Tees Valley.

20th October 2008, 16:01

Bill Armstrong was from that neck of the woods!
He served on the Halia from time to time.

20th October 2008, 16:52
Ah...shipside graffiti. My favorite example harkens back to when USS REQUIN (SS-481) was part of Submarine Squadron 6 in Norfolk, VA in the early 1960s. REQUIN came back into port one time, after being out on patrol and being rusty, dirty, etc. after a long patrol, moored next to USS CUTLASS (SS-478), which was the showboat of SubRon 6. One day, after having to go through many iterations, due to the showboat wanting to go out to sea, etc., the CO of REQUIN made an all hands announcement about CUTLASS going to sea as CUTEASS... hehehehe

20th October 2008, 17:07
John.If memory serves me their was a photo in the daily mirror 2 days later I guess that it might have been a bluey painted it on a bluey,bad night for us reds.Regards Tony Allen

24th January 2014, 01:30
Speaking of graffitti, let us not forget the B.P. tanker "British Workman", whose crew repainted her name as "British Workhouse".

26th January 2014, 00:45
Paddy Henderson's KALEWA was alongside Port Harcourt. When the first trip Master went ashore to admire his pride and joy he found she was now called SKALEWAG.


alan ward
26th January 2014, 13:54
IXION Known as the 9 to 1 on.

26th January 2014, 14:18
When I worked on Sealink at Harwich I used to change trains at Manningtree station...There was a large official notice saying..."HARWICH FOR THE CONTINENT" under which was written "FRINTON FOR THE INCONTINENT" was there for yonks...

BTW...Manningtree had a really good private bar on the station...I missed many a train for London having a pint (or two) of Adnams....

Farmer John
26th January 2014, 16:57
Not ship graffiti, but quite funny (unless it is you who just lost your job).