Lloydsman 1971 call sign ???

18th October 2008, 15:27
hi,if somebody can help me need call sign of Lloydsman 1971 ???

K urgess
18th October 2008, 15:55
I've moved your post into it's own thread for a better response.
I'm sure someone will know.

18th October 2008, 17:57
hi,if somebody can help me need call sign of Lloydsman 1971 ???

19th October 2008, 13:48
thanks a lot............

19th October 2008, 13:58
thanks a lot............
O.N. 342704. 2,040g. 307n. 1,988d. 264'8" x 48'1" x 24'3"
Two, 10-cyl. 4 S. C. S. A. (400 x 460mm) Pielstick type engines made by Crossley Premier Engines Ltd., Manchester, geared to a single shaft with a controllable pitch propeller. 16,000 BHP. 135 tons bollard pull. 18kts. Thwartship thrust propeller forward.

7.8.1970: Keel laid by Robb Caledon Shipbuilders Ltd., Leith (Yard No. 509) for United Towing Ltd.

16.2.1971: Launched.

16.9.1971: Completed.

20.2.1973: Sold to United Towing (Lloydsman) Ltd., (United Towing (Ocean Tugs) Ltd., managers), Hull.

17.3.1978: Owner restyled as United Towing (Hawkins) Ltd., (same managers), Hull.

3.10.1979: Sold to Oscelsing Pte. Ltd., (Selco (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., managers), Singapore, and renamed SALVISCOUNT.

1986: Transferred to Armco Pacific Investments Inc., (same managers), Singapore.

1988: Sold to Gadani Beach based shipbreakers.

19th October 2008, 15:06
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24th October 2008, 08:36
Used to have an early version of VS.

The Lloydsman you modelled is a superb reproduction of a truly good looking vessel - well done.