Qe2 Lifeboats

19th October 2008, 23:43
On the starboard side of the QE2 there are ten lifeboats; one red "open" boat, six white "open boats", two small "cabin cruisers", one larger "cabin cruiser". Can someone say what the functions of each is intended to be please?

20th October 2008, 07:21
Without seeing a picture I assume the red boat is the rescue boat ready for immediate use for the likes of man overboard, the white ones are normal lifeboats, and the others are tenders for ferrying passengers ashore when at anchor.

20th October 2008, 11:50
Yes, the red boat would be the rescue/accident boat.There would be one on both sides port and starboard usually forward of the other lifeboats. During my era the crew of this boat were deck crew, the baby doc and sometimes myself depending on the incident. And as Captain Chris said the 'cabin cruiser' types are used for 'boat ports' where the ship anchors using these vessels as tenders. Modern cruise ships tend to have all posh lifeboats all covered unlike my era when many were open boats although mine on the old Arcadia was partly covered. I thought I was very lucky to be coxswain of such a posh lifeboat?!!.


20th October 2008, 23:22
I've always wondered, but never got round to asking. Thank you both for taking the time to reply