Picture Use. Glen and Shire Line.

Capt.John Bax. Ret.
13th July 2005, 14:12
GLEN and SHIRE Pictures Reqd.


If anyone has pictures of Glen or Shire Line Vessels they would like to have used in the History of Glen and Shire Lines please send them by Normal E. Mail IE not PM on here . My E mail address is Bluefunnel@sympatico.ca. If you wish your name to be shown as a credit please state this at the time. The Glen Line Site when complete will be added to the Blue Funnel History and Blue Funnel Links on www.merchantnavyofficers.com which is a NOT FOR PROFIT site run by Ex Seamen for Seamen and Their Families and to preserve the Merchant Navy History for future generations to see. Again. please send as att'ts on Normal E Mail. NOT AS PM on this site .

The writing of the Glen and Shire Line site has already commenced and is expected to take approx 18 months .The text will commence when we have at least 50% of the pictures. We have permission from all the Maritime Museums in Australia to use their pictures and already have most of the early sailing vessels for The Shire Line and a couple for the Glen Line.

May I also have permission to use any of the Glen or Shire Line Pictures if I require them that are already on here in the Glen Line Theme. If I hear nothing I will take it that none of you have any objections. If you do object, speak now as I do not wish to upset anyone and it is not very likely I will need any as I have permission from all the Australian Maritime Museums to use theirs. They are the biggest source in the world.

Thanks and all the best to you all. Keep the memories we all shared together so long ago alive. This is what Memories are made from.

Capt Bax. Retd. Belleville. Ontario. Canada.

Ex Blue Funnel and Glen Lines.
Straits Steamship Co. Singapore.

13th July 2005, 20:57
You may certainly use any of mine if you think they are suitable.

Capt.John Bax. Ret.
14th July 2005, 15:02
You may certainly use any of mine if you think they are suitable.

Thank you Paul.

Allan James
21st August 2005, 20:58
I was a Middy on the Glenfalloch for two trips and I think that I have a photo of her with a buff funnel-we were on charter to Ben Line-if I can find it I'll copy it to you.

Bob McColl
22nd February 2007, 04:41
I did a couple of "deep sea" trips on the Breconshire as 2nd Electrician 1961. Photo on its way. Also have a few of Engineering Officiers and Elecricians photos if you want.

22nd February 2007, 20:33
John Garner, a member, has a superb photo of "Glengarry" as well as their football team - which was one of the best!