to remove norton

26th October 2008, 07:47
what is the best way remove norton 360 anti virus off my computer
is it right that norton tool removal is the best i am going put driffent one on

send pm

K urgess
26th October 2008, 12:57
Even Norton removal tool will leave bits lying around in various directories. This is usually so that they can tell if you've had it before in the unlikely event of you wanting to put it back on your PC.
You would need to get a cleaner of some description to get rid of all of it.
One point I noticed was that it's best to make sure your protected recycle bin is well emptied if you've been using that feature. Otherwise you can end up with a large file you can't get rid of. (Cloud)


26th October 2008, 13:35
If I delete something I always empty my recycle bin if I am sure I will not want it again. As to taking something out such as Norton, can you get rid of it completely by disinstalling it? this I am never sure about as I have done this and found bits still left.

Regards Robert

26th October 2008, 13:47
What about "Add or remove programmes" already in windows.??

K urgess
26th October 2008, 13:58
It will be removed if you use the Norton uninstall or even the add or remove programs as R58484956 suggests.
As I said previously there will be certain elelments left for the reasons stated but shouldn't, hopefully, interfere in any future use.


John Rogers
26th October 2008, 14:17
Pier there is a removal tool available at Nortons web site,it will remove everything. Goggle it.


26th October 2008, 15:09
I Think That Norton Removal Tool Will Be Best To Take All Off The Computer I Am To A Diffrent Anti Virus On In Dec

26th October 2008, 18:30
-2: I've had to completely remove Norton a couple of times and the only thing that does it properly is the removal tool that you can download from the Norton website.

Good luck,


Eddie Wallace
26th October 2008, 19:53
To remove Norton click on Run when the window opens up get file and type in Norton in the find box every thing with Norton on it will be highlighted so just delete it you may have to click on find a few times as Norton spreads its self all over the regestray .it will get every bit of norton off your hard disc.

26th October 2008, 20:07
The sad fact of computer life is that Norton is forever, unless you do a reformat.

K urgess
26th October 2008, 20:35
A real fact of computer life as you say BR_Reef.
Just before I had computer problems and had to replace a hard drive last month I was still finding bits of Norton and I had used the Norton uninstaller from their website.
The last one I used was Norton Systemworks 2004! (Whaaa)

26th October 2008, 23:46
My Norton 360 is 3 weeks away from renewal, so what are you all saying? should I not renew? if not? where do I go to get the kind of cover I have had from Norton? in the past I was not impressed with AVG, Bullguard, I know there are many and varied security suites out there. Are the FREE ones any good? Frank R597816

27th October 2008, 05:10
Each to his own Frank.
I like the AVG pro. it automaticly updates and scans every day. I used to have the free version and that was just as good.
I also run Ad-aware (free) with it. And i run CCleaner once a week. (crap cleaner Free) and get no problems with it at all and I have a very slow dial up connection of only 31kbps. my download speed is only 2.1 at best

27th October 2008, 06:21
You should also try Registry Washer afterwards as it cleans up those bits which hang around.

27th October 2008, 06:45
To get rid of most of the Nortons dross after uninstalling go to search on the start menu and insert the word Nortons in all files and folders this will bring up anything addressed Norton. Delete any files or folder as they appear and this should clear out all the excess.
AML free is also an excellent registry cleaner.