Asiatic Steam Navigation Co Ltd

Roger Jordan
26th October 2008, 15:32
As part of a larger project, I am trying to establish certain data concerning some Asiatic Steam Navigation Co Ltd vessels, and all of which were in service during the later 1940s. The WSS history on the company does not help, and otherwise useful references, such as “Directory of Shipowners, Shipbuilders & Marine Engineers”, which is usually a good source, likewise.
First, I am looking for the passenger accommodation numbers for the 1927-built steamer MAHARAJA, which operated on the Andaman Islands service.
Second, I am seeking the overall length (not registered length) of the cargo steamers BEGUM (built 1922; 423.2 ft registered length), NAWAB (1915; 404.4), NIZAM (1914; 404.4), and RAJPUT (1925; 405.7). Throughout their career years, Lloyd’s Register shows only registered lengths.
Third, in the 1949-50 edition of Talbot-Booth’s “Merchant Ships”, the author suggests that some of the vessels in addition to MAHARAJA carried a “limited” number of passengers, but I have been unable to determine if this is correct.
Any help with regard to any of the above would be greatly appreciated.
Roger Jordan

K urgess
26th October 2008, 15:39
The same goes for the 1942 Talbot Booth, Roger.
Although the ships are all listed in the index, none have a silhouette giving further details and the shipping company entry says the same as you quote in your query.

Roger Bentley
26th October 2008, 17:17
I note that in the Lloyds Register for 1950-51 it would appear that OAL or OL in the case of this register is only shown when it is applicable to a particular vessel. It is possible that the length shown for the Begum etc is the actual length. They would likely have had a straight stem and flat cruiser type stern. Similar to my old ship the Lancashire built in 1917 and whose details do not show OAL or OL. Where a ship such as the 1947 Dwarka of BI does have her OL listed, and she has a raked stem. The OL for the Rajah is listed in the 1950-51 register and I think her stem was raked. I think I posted a picture of her under BI charter earlier.

Since posting the above it would seem that Lloyds only put in OL details when they had surveyed a particular vessel or class, so I guess what I said earlier is not correct!