John Cannon

27th October 2008, 04:07
Does anyone know John Cannon? He was Bosun on the Cast Petrel in 79, the only other crew members I remember are Duncan Mcniven from Skye and Ronnie Barton who died a couple of years later.
There was also an old AB called Nat Petrie, he must of been about 70 then.


28th October 2008, 18:29
sailed with nat on troll lake july 75 tug rope parted in port sudan smashed his leg surprised he was back at sea nice old guy kev.

31st October 2008, 22:21
sailed with nat on troll lake july 75 tug rope parted in port sudan smashed his leg surprised he was back at sea nice old guy kev.

Hi Kev,

I remember that incident.

I was Junior Eng on that trip, joined in Nagoya 22/04/75 and left Yokohama 11/10/05 as did most of the crew we flew back via Copenhagen for some reason.

Other personnel I remember from that trip were:

Captain McManus - a real charachter he used to put up a newsletter every day describing wher we had been and had nicknames for everybody.
Chief Eng was Bert Mott for the first half of the trip.
2/E was Willie Robinson from Ballymena - boy could he talk!
3/E was John (Snowy) - can't remember his second name.
4/E was Davie Patrick
We also had an Eng Cadet Mike from Hartlepool.
CPO was Geordie Heckles
Cook was Pat Croarkin I think
We also had a GP1 from Stornoway called Norman who was entertainment in his own right.

Can't remember any of the rest of the crew
During that trip we had to leave port in Japan due to a typhoon which at that time was the worst storm I had experienced.

You probably remeber the escapades with the guards at Jeddah and the beer can accounting system via the false deckheads in the after store!


Andy McArthur

10th November 2008, 23:06
hi andy i joined her in port sudan 20-7-75 for the first time i was cpo geordie was po then wee willie cowie came after him i paid off in hiroshima 7- 1- 76 i remember the typhoons we went through two of them in my time on her and the famous norman m campbell he has crossed the bar a few years back a great guy but as soon as he took a drink he left a trail of disaster a mile wide behind him remember when the jap police brought him back on board tied up and told capt macmanus you must not take the ropes off him till you have dropped the pilot he had wrecked a nightclub and a police car dont know who was more mad him or the old man ill never forget that trip for as long as i live rgds kev.

11th November 2008, 21:00
Hi Again Kev,

That must have been the time Norman was up in front of Capt McManus who stopped his drink. The bold Norman then says to him; " I'm appealing to your better self captain can I just have 6 beers for a livener." The captain was so stunned he got the 6 beers!

At that time the 4th Davie was also up because his woman had knocked up the old man for the settlement of an unpaid debt, he paid her and put it on his monthly account he was not happy about this.

Davie was a good lad wthout a drink but sometimes could turn when he had one too many. I went up the road with him in Hiroshima, we both came back with acoustic guitars but nearly missed the ship as we could not remember what berth we were at. I still have the guitar and is is still in tune some of the time!

Capt McManus gave Davie the nickname "Sudden " after a difference of opinion with big Mick the Lecky.



11th November 2008, 21:46
yes i remember the night in the officers bar when norman ripped the table to off its stand and whacked sudden over the head with it sudden became very quiet after that incident it was of course instigated by a certain old man and ch/eng rgds kev ps i could tell you a lot about that trip another wee guy frank when he saw norman with a can of beer would lock himself in his cabin till it was safe to come out lol.

Charles Stephen
10th January 2009, 19:22
Charlie Stephen(Ret,d Chief Stwd.
Remember John Cannon very well. I sailed on a few Cast Ships, including the "Petrel" I know some of the names mentioned in all the records.

Best regards to all ex-Denholm seafarers. Thanks for the memories.

charlie(wee grocer)

11th January 2009, 16:31
Good to see you are still around Charlie, I'll not forget meals to order on the Lousy, can you still get a tune out of the pipes? Rgds. Maurice.

13th January 2009, 22:24
Charlie, were you on the Petrel from December 79 ? We went up the St Lawrence and a few of us got a hiding!
Was it you that used to play the pipes going into port?


Malky Glaister
14th January 2009, 08:30
Hi Charlie,

I too remember the Lousy menue!! The pipes all the way through Birkenhead dock estate at Lord only what time of the night on the ore carriers.
regards Malky Glaister

Kingham SJ
18th March 2009, 17:09
greymay; sailed with john cannon on the tor calidonia 1983/84. believe he passed away some time ago. also sailed with duncan macniven on the cast tern 1981 good ship mate.