Good Hope Castle in Dry Dock

16th July 2005, 07:28
Does any one have any interesting photos to share of the Good Hope or Southamton Castle

16th July 2005, 08:00
Try reposting in jpg format, rms - quicker and easier to view.

16th July 2005, 08:36
I had trouble downloading the file size was to big, I will try again .

16th July 2005, 15:09
This is a picture I took from the bridge of GOOD HOPE CASTLE in the Bay of Biscay in the mid 1970s. I sailed in the ship for about two years. I assume the one showing her in drydock is the one I took the same voyage and have currently posted on my website
I have lots of pictures of the ship and will be posting some more presently.

A very fine vessel, but could certainly roll!

16th July 2005, 23:19
Great photograph i have picture of the Good Hope Castle off St Helena or Acenssion island taken from a similar position looking foward in calm weather. There is also a photo of my grandmother talking to a officer or the Captin you may recognise him.I will scan it today and post it. Sorry about posting your photo its one i have collected off the net. It realy shows the fine lines of these ships. Do you have any deck plans of these ships?i am now going to look at your web site.

17th July 2005, 06:15
Yes, I do have a lot more and will post some shortly. Look forward to seeing your picture.

17th July 2005, 07:43
Here our photos taken from the Good Hope Castle when my Grandparents visited us on St Helena in 1968-69. Do you recognise the officer?.

17th July 2005, 11:30
No, I don't recognise the captain, it was a few years before I arrived there. I joined in April 1974 and left in April 1976. Before that, I stood by the ship in Bilbao for several months. She was refitting after being abandoned for ten days in the South Atlantic after a major fire.

17th July 2005, 11:36
Shipbuilder, that is a very impressive photo and I look forward to seeing more. But can you please post them in the Gallery?

22nd July 2005, 07:55
I have just put another photograph of the GOOD HOPE CASTLE in the gallery. She is shown lying at anchor at St. Helena. I took this one in about 1973. It was the only time I got ashore there from that ship as we only stopped for two hours. In 1979, I joined the island's own passenger liner, R.M.S. ST. HELENA, and remained there until late 1992 when I left the sea. Over the years, I had many oppurtunities to vist the islands as, although we were only 3,150 gross tons, we would often stay at the anchorage for a week discharging cargo.

Chris Isaac
27th August 2006, 09:58
Here our photos taken from the Good Hope Castle when my Grandparents visited us on St Helena in 1968-69. Do you recognise the officer?.
I have been wracking my brains to remember his name as I sailed under his command on Southampton Castle for many many voyages. For some reason when I woke up this morning I remembered -- Captain Ian Shearer.

8th September 2006, 21:40
Thank you for solving the name ,it has been nagging my Grandmother .Did you ever stop off at St helena and do you have any pictures of the Southampton Castle or Good hope Castle.

17th January 2007, 01:44
The left hand photograph provided by RMS is Captain Shearer. I sailed with him when he was first promoted master on a Bowater vessel, Nina Bowater if memory serves me. Must see if i can find my Discharge Book.

17th January 2007, 20:37
Sorry for the quality (cut from a larger image), but I have a notion that this is Good Hope Castle. Seems to me, being used to the passenger/cargo vessels, I was surprised to see such a "small" UC ship. Moored at Kilindini across from the docks sometime prior to 1967.

Chris Isaac
18th January 2007, 08:32
It is not the Good Hope. It is one of the older R Boats. I think it is either the Rebiek or Rustenburg Castle.
The pic was taken prior to 1960 as she still has the masts painted brown, after that time they were painted white.
Very rare to see one of the refridgerated ships in Mombasa. I expect she was doing a dry cargo run prior to the start of the South African fruit season.