17th July 2005, 18:57
Does anyone have any pix of the Norwegian tanker Sitakund? She exploded and caught fire off Beachy Head in October 1968, and was towed to Eastbourne bay by my late father's tug Meeching.
Andy G

17th July 2005, 20:10
Hi Andy, (Wave)

Go to the below site, the info is all there about the incident and also what happened to her. There are a couple of small pics, but I am not sure if they are of her.

Hope it helps and kind regards.


17th July 2005, 22:45
Hi Santos (AKA Chris!)

Thanks for the site details but oh no, a lot of that information is wrong! (EEK)
Sitakund was not aground when Meeching arrived. She was on fire and adrift in a shipping lane! After searching without success for survivors - most had been rescued by fishing boats and then transferred to the Royal Navy frigate HMS Mohawk - Meeching towed Sitakund towards Pevensey to try and beach her on sand and fight the fire there, but she grounded on rocks off Eastbourne. Meeching, the Dover tug Dominant and the Fire Services put the fire out and there were no explosions after firefighting had started. This is just as well as both tugs were only 5-10 meters away most of the time! They put the fire out, it wasn't left to burn. The forward section of the Sitakund was towed away quite soon after for scrap but the burnt out after section became a landmark for a long time before it was eventually towed away!

Andy G (*))

PS. The pic is not Sitakund

14th August 2005, 23:00
Hi Andy,

The Forepart of the "Sitakund" arrived in tow of the tug "Englishman" in Falmouth on 02/01/69 & i have a photo (no a cutting) taken by the local paper.

As this is the first time i have posted on this site i am not sure of the procedure to add a photo but will try??

I have tried but cannot get picture small enough.

If you have an e-mail address i could send it that way.


15th August 2005, 22:39


There should be no trouble with the size of the photo. Upload it to the Ships of the World gallery and Admin will move it if they deem fit. Or you can email it to me on andy.gilbert at (obviously replace the word 'at' with the @ sign and remove the spaces on either side) (*)) I'll upload it to my gallery and credit you and the paper for the pic.