Information On Ex Rmas Cameron (a72)

6th November 2008, 22:09
Could anybody tell me where the Ex Rmas Cameron is at present. I have been told that a Cameron is been at Pembroke dock in the last few weeks. Could anybody confirm if that is the Ex Rmas Cameron. Any information would be helpful.
Thanks Mak

7th November 2008, 08:40
You could try This is a good AIS site and shows the CAMERON being in Pembroke. Or to get a picture and more info.
Hope this helps.

7th November 2008, 11:39
If that is indeed an EX RMAS craft would it not have been in the MOOR class.

David W
7th November 2008, 12:12
She left Liverpool about 31st October bound for Pembroke.
She was of the MOORHEN class, (according to Jane's) and built 1991 by Dunston at Hessle, the other two MOORHEN & MOORFOWL were 1989 built by McTay on the Mersey.
CAMERON was not strictly a RMAS vessel, I believe, she worked for DERA, (Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, Maritime) as a trials support vessel.
I think she was acquired by Briggs Marine about 2006.

7th November 2008, 18:07
Many thanks for the replys and information regarding Cameron. Can anybody tell me if they know where she is berthed and if it is possible to see her.
Thanks Mak

12th December 2008, 21:52
Cameron was operated by RMAS crews in Rosyth, two of them sail on our tug now (Deerhound) she was apparently not the best in any weather, I am led to believe that Briggs don't actually own her but have her on long term loan from MOD as they have a contract to maintain the last few Admiralty moorings in the Forth and apparently for some of the sneaky beaky stuff that is now done by Qinetic at Rosyth Royal Dockyard. however this is rumour, she is normally berthed in Burntisland but does go out around the UK for contracts.

12th December 2008, 22:20
If you lookup Clydesights web site there is a picture and wee story about the Cameron. He has usually all the info on anything that moves on the Firth.