For AIS purposes, is a Heavy Lift Vessel (HLV) a Floating Crane

9th November 2008, 15:02
Is a Heavy lift Vessel (HLV) the same as a floating crane ?

As I would like to know what to look out for on AIS to lift the Abigail H out of Heysham.


9th November 2008, 15:40
hi ian
there are all different kinds of heavy lift ships around. "heavy lift cranes" tend to do harbour work - except for some very large seagoing crane vessels working in salvage and oil extraction associated work.
you would probably get a better response if there was more info on abigail h or maybe in the "special purpose vessel" forum. should be lots of members with heavy lift experience who could point you towards the right sort of vessel
b rgds

non descript
9th November 2008, 19:03
In terms of how AIS deal with this question, I am unsure, but I reckon one of our 30,000 will know, so fingers crossed. (Thumb)

kewl dude
11th November 2008, 07:26
Some heavy lift ships load by sinking the ship and floating the cargo aboard like the attached image illustrates. I believe this ship was lost off Brazil? A few years after this picture was taken?

Greg Hayden

11th November 2008, 07:42
Not certain about the ship - it certainly looks like a Dockwise vessel and yes, one of them sank very quickly after offloading a semi-sub but I thought that was offshore Africa (Angola?).

I remember seing the photos taken from another vessel and they were dated and timed. After the riig was floated/towed clear, the ship sank in a matter of minutes. Do not know what the reason was but the ballasting is obviously critical.


non descript
11th November 2008, 08:00
In terms of how AIS deal with this question, I am unsure, but I reckon one of our 30,000 will know, so fingers crossed. (Thumb)

Poor old Ian... he will be banging his head on the carpet...... What he is trying to find out, and he is using AIS to try an help, is to locate
the trace of the Floating Crane that is coming to lift the Abigal H ( - so the very kind and well meaning comments about a semi-submersible ship that sank of Angola and also the other one that sank in the South China Sea will sadly distract him from his desired thought process… (Jester)

To clear up the confusion, it was Mighty Servant 3 ( that sank of Angola and it was In 1999 the Mighty Servant 2 ( capsized near the Indonesian island of Singkep off the coast of Sumatra after striking a previously uncharted rock pinnacle in 35 meter of water. The ship was carrying production modules fabricated in Korea for the North Nemba project in Angola. Although the accident occurred on a calm day with flat seas, Mighty Servant 2 capsized within 4 minutes resulting in 5 fatalities. The vessel was declared a total loss

11th November 2008, 08:35
I feel like a naughty schoolboy!

Sorry for distracting you Lifeboat 1721.

Thank you Mr. Tonga for clearing up the confusion I have caused.

I will get back to work now.


non descript
11th November 2008, 09:15
My apologies, that was not my intention… Frankly if I had a Tongan Dollar for every text that I had misread, I would be very rich indeed by now (Jester) … You were after all only being helpful and tendering good assistance. Thank your Sir.

11th November 2008, 09:23
As I understand it, the ship data that is transmitted with the AIS signal is entered by the appropriate person aboard ship. As a very frequent user of AIS, I have found that the data is not always particularly reliable. For example I have seen capesize bulkers being described as Wing-effect surface craft. I am sure that this is simply a case of someone on board mistyping a code into the system, but it does tend to happen quite a lot. Therefore, I would suggest using AIS to check any ships that are in the vicinity and then double-check them on Equasis.

Hope that helps.

non descript
11th November 2008, 09:35
You are a star - well done and thank you.

11th November 2008, 16:09
Tonga - I was only joking! Honest Sir!

No offence taken at all.

(Just thought I would send this in case I was classed as a "useless poster").


13th November 2008, 19:44
Thanks guys for your thoughts, But personally I think the Abigail H has passed her time and I feel that she may end up on the end of a Salvage torch.

I had a chat with a man from the council yesterday and he was told that they were going to Cut her Up.:(

Regards Ian

22nd November 2008, 20:26

AIS gives Mersey Mammoth as just outside Heysham due to dock 0026hrs Sun 23rd Nov.

Could be the big lift for Abigail H on Sunday. (Thumb)