Editing previously submitted threads

tom e kelso
9th November 2008, 16:12
For over a year, I have been irritated and embarrassed by the careless spelling etc contained in a thread I submitted in August 2007. Is there any way that I can correct these and other typographical errors?



9th November 2008, 16:14

Send me a PM with the thread's name and the changes you want to make and I'll take care of it for you. (Thumb)

9th November 2008, 16:16

Send me the details of the thread and what is wrong and I will be happy to correct it for you. You cannot change your own posts after a period of time (I think it may be 24 hours) but the Mods can. Put it in a PM to me if you like. Just tell me the thread and I will check the spelling on all your posts in it rather than listing them

9th November 2008, 16:21
OK Ray - seeing as you said you were bored earlier on it's all yours! :)

9th November 2008, 16:22
No problem Brian. (Thumb)

9th November 2008, 17:11
Just use a spell check on your computer before you post, I have now installed, helps a lot Tony