SS Cormist

19th July 2005, 00:31
Anyone know what became of Cory's SS Cormist (collier), she was the last ship I sailed on 1964 . jordiboy.

Dave Edge
19th July 2005, 02:43
The "Cormist" was sold to Swedish owners in 1968 for use as a storage hulk.

11th March 2007, 17:34
Hi Jordiboy
Cormist became razor blades a long time ago, was on her in 59, she was a good old ship Blyth - London, what a run, just to keep the cockneys warm & their lights on, we must have been mental, cockneys do nothing, depend on us Geordies, we keep them right (Thumb)

6th September 2007, 12:23
i was on cormead 1946 corcrest1947 corstar1957 cormoat 1960 the same must have happened to them all

6th September 2007, 15:45
Was on, "Corfleet" in 1955. We once went "foreign", loaded coal in Rotterdam from a Liberian tramp who'd loaded on the US East coast. I've got a photo of her, but try as I may, I can't attach it to this reply - can anyone help?

K urgess
6th September 2007, 19:42
It must be the right size, Trevor.
It can't be bigger than the size stipulated in the upload window.
You must "go advanced" or "post reply" to get the attachment window that appears below the text entry window.
Scroll down the page to "manage attachments" and click on it.
Browse to the file on your computer, select it and upload it.
Close the attachments window and it should be attached.
Check by previewing your post.

7th September 2007, 03:30
The CORMIST 1946 & CORFLEET 1934,courtesy/ Alex Duncan:

7th September 2007, 04:13
Albert you must have been on them all except the "Cor Blimey". I was on the Corbank in 65

7th September 2007, 19:32
I think Rud's photo is the same as mine, but I'm just doing it to prove to Marconi Saab that I read his message!

K urgess
7th September 2007, 20:26
Nice one, Trevor.
Never too sure if some of my instructions sound double Dutch to non computer people.
System works you see.(K)