MV Tricolor

12th November 2008, 19:33

Looking for any further information/photos regarding the MV Tricolor.

MV Tricolor was a 50,000 tonne Norwegian-flagged vehicle carrier built in 1987, notable for having been involved in three English Channel collisions within a fortnight.

During the early hours of December 14 2002, while travelling from Zeebrugge to Southampton with a load of nearly 3,000 vehicles, she collided with the Kariba, a 1982 Bahamian-flagged container ship. The Kariba was able to continue on, but Tricolor sank where she was struck, some 20 miles north of the French coast in the English Channel. Incredibly no lives were lost despite the fact that the wreck of the Tricolor, which remained lodged on her side in the mud of the 30-meter deep waterway, was struck again by the German vessel Nicola and the Turkish-registered fuel carrier Vicky on 1 January 2003.

I find this particular incident very interesting and am looking forward to any responses.



non descript
12th November 2008, 19:37
If you do a search using the name Tricolor it throws up quite a few leads, but this one here ( is maybe what you are looking for. Using the same search parameter in The Gallery will also bring forth this one ( at least

ray bloomfield
13th November 2008, 17:37
To be entirely accurate the Tricolor sank in pos.51 22N,01 13E, between the Fairy Sth and Hinder 1 bouys, at the Western end of the Wandelaar Channel not the English Channel but the Southern North sea.