Another Tiger

Alan Blair
20th July 2005, 08:34
It was quite funny to look at the forum and see HMS Tiger, but it's a different animal, this is a painting of the Battlecruiser HMS Tiger, it's only at the drawing stage at the moment, I thought you might like to see the progress, it's A1 size approx 33" x 23" although I think I'll crop it down in height only , later on, I would be interested in this forums expert thoughts--------------many thanks--------------Alan

michael james
20th July 2005, 09:15
Alan, Brilliant as it is. Cannot wait to see it finished.

Is it set in Scapa Flow ?

Doug Rogers
20th July 2005, 09:44
That is just terrific, I look very forward to seeing it developing. And now I have got to go and see what happened to the HMS Tiger..cos I have this feeling that something nasty happened to it at Jutland!!

Alan Blair
20th July 2005, 16:21
Thanks very much Mike, It's more like Invergordon, but I'm not sure the old photo didn't say.

Thanks very much Doug she survived Jutland it was Queen Mary and another Battlecruiser that perished at Jutland

I've done some more, here is a close up just started adding a little colour-----many thanks---------Alan

20th July 2005, 19:25
Looks very serene and stately,belying her more serious purpose.Beautiful.

william dillon
20th July 2005, 23:23
Being able to produce works like this is a gift, well done, I look forward to seeing the completed painting.
Best regards
W. Dillon.

Doug Rogers
21st July 2005, 07:04
Better and better, and thanks for the information re Jutland..knew a couple got clobbered but couldnt remember which!!.

fred henderson
21st July 2005, 11:03
There were in fact 3 RN Battle Cruisers lost in the Battle of Jutland. Queen Mary, Indefatigable and Invicible. All lost because the cordite storage on the RN ships was designed on a misunderstanding of the effects of flash on gelatinised smokeless powders.
The British believed that the cordite would only burn and the RN system was to enclose each full charge in a silk cover. It was thought that if flames from charges burning in the turret spread to the case chamber they would start a large fire but this could be controlled by flooding. In fact four British turrets were pierced and three ships blew up. The Lion escaped this fate because the magazine doors were closed.
The German cordite charges came in 2 sections. The main charge in a heavy brass case and a second in a double silk case contained in a outer tin case from which it was only taken when actually loading. In battle the small half charges removed from their protective cover never exploded. During the battle nine German turrets were pierced starting eight major fires but no ship blew up.


Doug Rogers
21st July 2005, 11:35
Thanks for that explanation, yes they certainly miscalculated the whole thing with horrible results...not so much as "there is something wrong with our ships today" as "there is something wrong with the design of our ships today".

Alan Blair
22nd July 2005, 13:23
Terrible losses, I was reading that it was not until the then new Queen Elizabeth class fast battleships joined in, after a chase to catch up with Admiral Beattie's battlecruisers, that the German battlecruisers felt the full power of Royal Navy gunfire, anyway Jutland is still touchy subject in certain company.
I've just finished the Tiger the other two battlecruisers are The Princess Royal and The Queen Mary----------many thanks---------Alan

michael james
22nd July 2005, 19:27
Alan, What I said two days ago, still stands now it is finished. Brilliant.

Alan Blair
22nd July 2005, 20:10
Thanks very much Mike-----Alan