Yet another Broclebank tale

14th November 2008, 20:26
In 1945 I was uncertificated 4th Mate on the Malakand in Vittoria Dock in Birkenhead when the dockers went on strike for many weeks. Eventually the army were called in and stared to load the ship. As you can imagine it was slow going. The master and most of the crew were on leave and the Mate whose name was Hocking if I remember rightly was in charge. One afternoon he had retired to his cabin for a spot of "Egyptian exrcises" which as you know have to be done horizontally with your eyes closed. leaving me in charge of the deck.
A convoy of limmos arrived alongside and from them came the chairman of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board and other officials and also a host of army top brass with red hat bands etc. They came aboard and peered gingerly down the hatches and one of the officers came up to me and said he was ADC to Major General Freer - GOC Western Command and could he please see the Captain. I explainedthat the Captain was absent but the Chief Officer was on board . He asked could they be taken to him so I led a line of them up to the officer's flat with the Major General just behind me.
The Mates door was open and the curtain drawn across so I entered,holding the curtain aside, shook his shoulder and said - "Major General Freer to see you sir !"
Hocking open one eye and said "Who the F**K is Major General Freer ?"
When he saw the General who had entered behind me he leapt off his setee and grovelled !
Probably did the general good to learn that there were some who had never heard of him !!

Derek Roger
14th November 2008, 21:28
Nice one Sid . Regards Derek ps have sent a pm .

14th November 2008, 22:00
Dear Derek
I have just acknowledged your info but I don';t know where it's gone !
Thanks anyway for advice

roy quirk
26th November 2008, 00:58
Sid, I thought it was the Malakand that blew up and destroyed the Huskisson
no2 dock in Liverpool in about 1940or41,while loaded with ammunition?
Obviously I thought wrong, can you remember which one it was?

Tony Sprigings
26th November 2008, 10:49
You are quite correct. Malakand blew up in Huskisson Dock at 0730 May 4th. 1941...source of info, Brocklebank History Vol.II

ken carr
26th November 2008, 11:15
Malakand 2 was indeed blown-up in Huskisson Dock on the 3rd/4th may 1941
Makakand 3 was launched in Glasgow in 1942 by William Hamilton and Co Ltd she came to a more peaceful end by being scrapped on13th December 1966
Information from SHIPS IN FOCUS. Anchor and Brocklebank Lines
By John Clarkson & Roy Fenton
I have full details of this book , should anybody require full info.
Ken Carr