Frederick T. Everard

22nd July 2005, 20:10
I was in this ship in 1962 and was very happy there. I wonder if any of you are still around, Captain's Brown & Trethewey, Mate John Henderson, 3rd Mate Nick Golding, Chief eng Jack Tonk, 2nd eng Barry White, assistant steward Andy Anderson, supernumary Clive Motram.

27th November 2015, 21:05
I was in her from jan 1958- aug 1959,Barry White was 3rd when I was in her great ship,bulkhead dynamo`s an all:sweat:

28th November 2015, 09:15
I sailed with Capt. Trethewy in the Seniority in 1961, he was a gentleman, she was a good ship at the time on a good run. Bruce.

31st January 2016, 21:26
Sailed on the Frederick T in 1964 fromAvonmouth to Ghent to Birkenhead during leave fro the Worcester before leaving to go to sea. An experiebce!!!!!
Mike Dale