23rd November 2008, 10:05
Does anyone out there know anything about a vessel called the SS Glenfarg? I am pretty sure this is the spelling,could be Glensarg i suppose.I am researching a postcard sent from Japan during the Russo-Japanese war & the person who sent it was on board this vessel in June 1904.

non descript
23rd November 2008, 10:10
Steve, Firstly a warm welcome to you on your first posting. Secondly, all I know about Glenfarg is that she was a British Passenger/Cargo Steam Vessel of 3,647 tons built in 1894 by London & Glasgow Eng & Iron Shipbuilding Co, Yard No 279 for McGregor, Gow & Co., Glasgow. She was powered by a steam triple expansion engine 445nhp. Engines by Shipbuilder. In 1911 she was acquired by the Glen Line Ltd. On the 14th August 1914 she ran aground and was wrecked while carrying timber from Kuchinotsu to Shanghai near Shirose Lighthouse, Gola Islands.

non descript
23rd November 2008, 10:15
Having done a bit of research, I see that she sank without loss of life, which is very good news.