Pages from a log.

Hugh Ferguson
23rd November 2008, 16:39
After having read my post on the call made by the PORT PIRIE at Pitcairn Is. responding to a call for urgent medical attention, a member has expressed a wish to see some of the scans I have made from other pages of Andy McClounan's log book of a lifetime at sea in the Port Line.
This is the first and it is of Andy's final voyage after which he retired. He retired a year prematurely possibly on account of the back trouble he suffered from.
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Hugh Ferguson
23rd November 2008, 19:48
This is the first page in Andy's log when he commences his career in Port Line as an apprentice in the T.S.S. Port Pirie in 1922.

24th November 2008, 17:02
Hugh thank you for your prompt reply.all that remains now is to ask my wife to copy the pages back to a4 size so I can really get to study them thanks once again Regards Tony Allen

Hugh Ferguson
24th November 2008, 18:13
This is a Port Line seniority list 1966 (from the Captain Andy McClounan log).

Hugh Ferguson
24th November 2008, 20:23
On this page Andy has been in the Port Darwin as a 4th mate and on arrival back in the U.K. he signs off on 29th Aug.1930 at the height of the Great Depression. He goes for his 1st Mate's certificate, gets an 84.7% pass rate, and then has to kick his heels for 8 months and 19 days before receiving an appointment to go to sea again as a 4th mate in the T.S.S Port Hunter.

K urgess
24th November 2008, 20:34
Capt. E. R. Jenkins was in command of the Port Townsville when I was on her 1968/69.
J. Burtt was Ch/Off.

Hugh Ferguson
25th November 2008, 19:35
This thumbnail is the page of Andy McClounan's first voyage in command.
My scanner could not manage the bottom 3 entries which I add now as the names may come to the notice of people who may have known them, or even the persons themselves.
Wellington Entered in thick fog.
English Channel Delayed in fog (radar not working).
Doctors Outward to Sydney, Dr.Joan Storey: Homeward from Auckland, Dr.John Gillman.

Hugh Ferguson
20th September 2015, 15:10
Line-up of Port Line ships in Napier c.1959.