Cochrane and Cariboo

the yard
22nd July 2005, 23:34

I'm looking for a photograph or illustration of the Cochrane (launched 1920) and the Cariboo (launched 1924), both built in the John Brown Shipbuilding & Engineering Company, Clydebank for Elder Dempster.

The Cochrane was scrapped in 1957 - the Cariboo was wrecked in 1928 of South Africa.

Can anyone help ?


"The Yard"

19th August 2005, 20:37
I think this is the vessel you are looking for. Am I right in thinking that she belonged to the African Steamship Company?

Can't tell you anything about her I'm afraid, found her in a collection passed on to me.

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fred henderson
19th August 2005, 21:09
The class consisted of four ships, all built by John Brown for the Elder Dempster Group. The lead ship was Calgary, completed February 1921 for the British & African Steam Navigation Co; Cochrane completed March 1923 for the African Steamship Co; Calumet also completed March 1923 but for Imperial Direct Line; Cariboo completed August 1924 for Elder Dempster. The first three were transferred to Elder Dempster in 1933. They were introduced onto the Cape to Canada service, hence the Canadian names.
Cariboo was chartered to Union Castle in 1928 and was loading chrome ore in the East London anchorage when a severe storm forced her and the Windsor Castle to put to sea in very limited visability. Unfortunately Cariboo struck rocks about 5 miles offshore at Keis Kamma. All were saved by the Windsor Castle.


the yard
9th October 2005, 22:47
Many thanks for the image, the Cochrane details that I have are as follows:-

Yard No. - 597
Vessel Type - Refrigerated Cargo Ship
Built - Clydebank, John Brown Shipbuilding & Engineering Company
Launch Date - Tuesday 28 December 1920
Slip No. 8
Handover Date - Thursday 8 March 1923
Owner - Elder Dempster & Company
Weight - 7203 grt
BP Length - 440 Feet
OA Length - 454-10 Feet
Breath - 59 Feet
No. of Screws - Single
Speed (Approx.) 11 Knots

Scrapped in 1957.

fred henderson
9th October 2005, 23:16
My records confirm the details given for Cochrane. All that I would add is that she had 18,000 cu ft refrigerated space in three chambers, accommodation for 12 passengers and 36 crew. She was converted to oil burning in 1957.
The details for Cariboo the same as Cochrane except that she was completed in August 1924 and measured at 7,275 GRT.


Roger Turner
25th September 2006, 10:16
Just Looking back through old ED`s correspondence on Ships Nostalgia and noticed the comment on the "Cochrane"
I joined her in South Shields from I think the repair yards on 14.8.56 and completed the trip to West Africa and back on 23.l2.56 (Victoria Docks) I am sure she was`t coal burning then (at least I can`t remember any picks and shovels). I think she was Steam Turbine? and I was told she had had the boilers retubed. It was also said that the opinion of the naval architects was that the hull and engines were in such good condition that all she needed for a prolonged life was for the accommodation to be cut off at deck level and replaced.It was a great trip and she was a very comfortable ship to sail in.
Incidentally it was a wonderful trip in the Guards Van of the train that ran down river behind the docks - the guard stopped the train at every station to enquire if they knew where the "cochrane" was.
Also incidentally I can only think of one ED`s vessel around at that time, can`t remember her name, but she had a "coffin" stern and smoked liked hell, can`t think how she survived the war!

25th September 2006, 15:30
I was apprentice on "Calgary" in early part of 1954. the ships were the only steam turbine ships built for Elders and were very quiet and comfortable ships, but a bit slow on going astern. The coffin stern type ships at that time were the "New Brooklyn" and "New Texas" built 1919/1920.

25th September 2006, 16:29
Both vessels on following

25th September 2006, 23:35
Pic of Cariboo

jim heslop
17th February 2008, 06:04
I jioned the Cochrane the same time as Roger Turner It was my first ship after completing my training at South Shields sea school We joined her at Tyne dock.
She was a Oil burner then the day that we joined she had a oil spill and the after deck covered in oil
jim heslop

graham wilson
3rd November 2008, 20:42
Served my time in B.P. Joined E.D.s in 52 , and Cochrane as Third Mate. I loved that ship.Am I right in remembering that the well decks were teak clad ? Being a steam turbine, I had never known a ship so quiet and free from vibration
Regards all Graham Wilson