HMAS Otama - Oberon class submarine on eBay

25th November 2008, 06:17
Anyone want to buy HMAS Otama (1976), an ex-RAN Oberon class submarine? It's recently listed on eBay for AUD$4,900,000 (that's about 2,084,138 or USD$3,152,704): click here to view eBay listing ( Boats?hash=item170280823913&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2%7C65%3A1%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1307)

The RAN bought 6 submarines of this class from the UK: Oxley (1967), Otway (1968), Onslow (1969), Ovens (1969), Orion (1975) and Otama (1976). They served over some three decades and were upgraded along the way but are now all decommissioned.

See this video on HMAS Otama on the ABC: click here (

The RAN has an Oberon class sub in their virtual fleet ( Think it might be HMAS Onslow, which is preserved at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, in Sydney.

What a pity Victoria can't get it's act together to preserve it's sister, Otama! Will it become yet another dive wreck? Let's hope not.

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25th November 2008, 10:42
Yeah, but where could I keep her though, that's the thing! Also, how could I get it from Aus to Holyhead?

25th November 2008, 11:32
I think it's a big opportunity, Coastie. A novel new ferry service to Dun Loaghaire? Make sure you get confirmation of postage costs before putting in a bid..

25th November 2008, 12:15
You have a point there Melliget, I hadn't thought of that!!

25th November 2008, 21:06
could sail her up the taff and tie her up by the old bridge in ponty

19th December 2008, 06:58
The former HMAS Otama, Oberon class submarine failed to sell on Ebay today. There were no bidders for the asking price of $4.9 (A) mill. Reported on the ABC at
Some interested after bid parties looking for a bargain. Go to it SN members!

Mike S
19th December 2008, 11:58
HMAS Otway is preserved at the Maritime Museum on Victoria Quay Fremantle. She lies hauled out on the old slipway and is in good condition I believe. There are organised tours daily.

18th April 2010, 14:19
We have three available here in Halifax, "HTS Olympus" HMCS/M Ojibwa" and HMCS/M Okonagon" for about $60,000 Cdn. Been laid up since the early '90s, as it happend the hull thickness of Okonagon has been checked within the last year, no report available.

Onondaga has been sold to a museum "up the river", time will tell if she gets the respect she deserves.

Used to do "DED" on all the boats as an employee of the Dartmouth Marine Slips (now defunct)

Cheers, Dumah,
Halifax, NS

25th February 2011, 02:45
ex-HMAS Otama on Ebay. (

John N MacDonald
25th February 2011, 12:59
I'm sure I saw a sub in one of the towns in northern Victoria! Or maybe I over did it with the grog!

26th February 2011, 05:11
I'm sure I saw a sub in one of the towns in northern Victoria! Or maybe I over did it with the grog!

Hmas Otway
Holbrook NSW,_New_South_Wales

Jan Hendrik
27th February 2011, 00:55
HMAS Otway.
Located in Holbrook along the highway between Melbourne and Sydney.