RFA Orangeleaf

26th November 2008, 16:51
I see Orangeleaf is coming in to Portsmouth Middle Slip Jetty at 1100 tomorrow (Nov 27).
I she going to join the laid up RFA's ??

26th November 2008, 19:31
Unless something has changed, there are no plans to place any RFA's into ER at present. FORT AUSTIN is scheduled for ER in late 2009 when FORT VICTORIA becomes operational again.


Matt Jordan
27th November 2008, 13:57
I believe that she is in to pick up / drop off a VIP, trying to safeguard the fost tanker role. There are no plans to lay her up at the moment.

Pat Kennedy
30th August 2009, 15:37
Orangeleaf arrived in Birkenhead yesterday for refit. She is currently lying at the Bidston facility of Cammell Laird, adjacent to the Penny Bridge in the West Float, and no doubt will move into Lairds No 5 dock when Fort Victoria moves out, which looks imminent as most of the scaffolding around her masts has been removed in the last few days.