Rfa Tidepool

2nd December 2008, 11:24
Hi, first post on here.

Whatever happened to Tidepool. She was to be sold to Chilie in 1982. Did she take part in the Falklands campaign? Any info about her service in Chilie?



2nd December 2008, 16:11
She was on her way to Chile when the Falklands War started. She was promptly turned around back into RFA colours and participated in the campaign. At the end of the war she conducted a transit around Cape Horn back to Chile and the RFA crew flew home. I had 2 eventful trips in her as a Cadet; first trip we collided with HMS BULWARK (1975) and were flown home from Malta and the second trip (1976) run aground in Brodick Bay!


2nd December 2008, 17:43


As class super I was present in Chile in August 1982 when the ship was handed over to the Chilean Navy, becoming ALMIRANTE JORGE MONTT, and I brought the ship's company home. I can confirm TIDEPOOL took part in the Falklands with distinction, and her Falklands Battle Honour is held in the RFA Association Archive, a nationally recognised museum situated in Northumberland.