Model ship in York Cathedral

Dick S
4th December 2008, 16:48
I hope some one in this forum may be able to help me. I was in York Cathedral recently and there is a Builders model ship of (if I remebmer rightly) the Vale of Pickeriing 4 hatches 1500 tons and a woodbine funnel, built by Furness. No dates of build but looks like early 20th cent. Any ideas of dates in service, company etc? but what I would like to know was who built the model and why Furness's appeared to have kept it and not presented to the owners as was the practice? Hope I have posted in right forum!


non descript
4th December 2008, 17:06
Dick, I know nothing of this ship - Vale of Pickering - but hopefully others will, and can add their comments. - Frankly there is every reason to have your posting in Models or Research... so on that basis we can leave it here and see what transpires. (Thumb)

K urgess
4th December 2008, 17:07
According to Miramar there was only one Vale of Pickering
and she only lasted 5 years before being lost.

4th December 2008, 18:48
And why is it in York Minster?

Ron Stringer
4th December 2008, 19:41
And why is it in York Minster?

Oh, no! Not another dodgy Satnav?

4th December 2008, 20:35
hi dick
i was onced asked to build a model of a sailing smack by the local church in the village that i lived in kessingland near lowestoft years ago ,it was a boat that was owned by a family that helped the church in the year dot but it appears that quite a few churches that had some conection with boats in the area had models built and as mine is now hanging from the roof beam,s over the alter.i hope this helps your quest in some way.
regards colin

K urgess
4th December 2008, 20:39
Most if not all Scandinavian churches have a model of a ship, usually the sailing variety, hanging from the ceiling/rafters sailing up the aisle towards the altar.

Dick S
5th December 2008, 15:07
Thanks for the responses, the reason, according to the little note underneath the model, was that in Yorkshire there are a lot of people connected with the sea and this was as in appreciation of them, I thought it was a good thing, especially away from the sea.