suggest a "shiplover's bible", please...

5th December 2008, 19:34
I am looking for suggestions about good (I mean - really good) books describing and educating about merchant ships after 2nd WW until present times.
I mean the books showing merchant ships in detail (post-war history of development of different types of non-naval vessels, descriptions of current trends in design and engineering, typical details of ships of various kinds, both in their design features and structure and equipment, lots of photos and _drawings_, monographies of ship types (eg. books devoted just to tankers or tugs, etc.), encyclopaedic books, also with descriptions of particular, named ships).
I mean the books, which provide proper, professional knowledge, without errors and not "naive". I mean the books that would be good even for first year of study of naval architecture and marine engineering students and books like "ship technology for shipbrokers" or "ship technology for maritime law students".

There are some books that look "good" and very attractive (from the first sight) for a shiplover but they are disappointing after in-depth reading.
When thinking of really good shiplovers' books, lease, disregard such books as "The Encyclopedia of Ships" by Tony Gibbons, as it contains MANY errors.

For me really good books are:
- "Ship Knowledge"
- Das große Buch der Schiffstypen: Schiffe, Boote, Flöße unter Riemen und Segel, Dampfschiffe, Motorschiffe, Meerestechnik von Alfred Dudszus von Pietsch Verlagße-Buch-Schiffstypen-Meerestechnik/dp/3613503913/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1228379637&sr=1-9
as well as very, very good:
- The Shipping Revolution: The Modern Merchant Ship (Conway's History of the Ship) + The Golden Age of Shipping: The Classic Merchant Ship 1900-1960 (Conway's History of the Ship)...

What other "shiplover's bibles" would you reccommend / suggest?...

6th December 2008, 14:25
For me "Lloyds Register" is sufficient.

7th December 2008, 19:39
For me "Lloyds Register" is sufficient.

Or this site !!(Thumb)