can anyone help ? please?

14th December 2008, 17:58
hi all

can anyone help please? does any one play ship sim 08 ? does anyone have the new patch for it. its the 1.4.2 patch.


14th December 2008, 19:29
Welcome to the site Dave,

I am moving this to the "Computers and Internet" forum as that is a more appropriate place to discuss this.

Andy Lavies
14th December 2008, 19:50
Hi Dave and welcome to the site.
I have Ship Sim 08 as well as the older Ship Sim 06 and enjoy both of them. 08 is better as the other AI ships are no longer suicidal. The latest patches are available as free downloads from the Ship Simulator website. One caveat - your computer will have to work hard at this sim and a low spec one will struggle. Send me an email if you need more info. Cheers, Andy

14th December 2008, 22:29
I got ship sim 2008. Great sim! However I dont have an internet connection good enough to download the required patches. It would take days for me to upgrade so I am stuck with the origional package.
Dont suppose we have a computer whizz that could put these patches and bug fixes on disc. Happy to pay all postage and expenses up front if we have.

16th December 2008, 09:59
Greetings DJdave and welcome to SN. Happy computing.