Power surges !

28th July 2005, 02:33
Just a friendly advice to those of you who have not already done so. Invest in a power back up system. last friday I was on line and had several programs running when my wife accidentaly pulled ouy the power plug. when I restarted the computer it went crazy, program files went missing, other programs scrambled up. Not possible to use system restore as some files went missing from there also. Now i am reduced to using an internet cafe tilll I can get it al sorted out. will buy a power back up system today. looks like i need a new hard drive though, cant format this one. lost all my files and folders to. several years of my wifes teaching work lost too! That,ll teach her LOL. So Shipmates be warned, get yourselfs a power back up system ASAP

28th July 2005, 02:57
I bet your wife will now do regular backup of her data onto CDs or floppies. An expensive and unfortunate lesson, hope you are up and running again soon

29th July 2005, 02:16
at least i am back on speaking terms with her again LOL ! files and folders have been salvaged by a mate using a linux program. may still need a new hard drive though

Doug Rogers
29th July 2005, 07:05
Good luck with it, at least you have been able to salvage something from it. Yes power back up systems are not cheap, but if you have a bit of spare cash they can save you heaps of problems in the future. I have a heavy duty one that supports my whole system and will keep it running on battery back up for about 12 hours or so...overkill certainly but I think worth the investment.

31st July 2005, 14:01
An uninterrupted power supply unit, UPS, seems a bit ott to me, assuming you had adequate surge protection the problem could lie in the following....
Pulling any live plug from a socket, generates a spark, intensity of which depends on how much power is being drawn at the time. Same spark radiating energy similar to lightning can play havoc with solid state devices in it's proximity, even to the point of destroying them. Sounds like your hdd took a real belting!

1st August 2005, 00:12
Have the computer back now. had a mate fix it all up for me. many things been improved for me. This computer is a double boot job now! XP on C: and Linuk on D;. if Xp plays up the linux can be used to sort it. dont ask me how as I have no idea. buts thats how he rescued my files and folders. (only just used to steam radio me!)

19th August 2005, 15:55
dont ask me how as I have no idea. but thats how he rescued my files and folders.It's magic, simple really.

Hi Bill! (Pint)

I don't think Bill's problem was a surge, just the computer shutting off instantly, possibly while data was being written to the disk. There was no hardware damage.

As for UPS backup, I live near to Bill, and so I suffer the same power problems.
I have a UPS here but it only keeps the system up long enough for me to shut down correctly. If I leave it running unattended, it's a risk. I only do that if I'm downloading something big. And linux doesn't spit out its dummy so much if it's not shut down properly anyway.