Captain Kerley

17th December 2008, 16:19
Does anybody remember Captain Ron Kerley who sailed with Shell.
He often had his wife with him Olive, both from the South East.
I met him first on the Asprella back in the seventies but he later went onto
lightening ships Halia and Darina.
Used to correspond with him Christmas time, but have not heard anything for
some years.
Just wondered if anybody can tell me if he's still alive.
Would be in his mid eighties now.


18th December 2008, 20:26
Hi Sailed With Cap'n Kerley On Darina I Think Around 1978-9 Or Halia Ronnie Anderson Was On Board Great Skipper Not Heard About Him Until Now Dan

18th December 2008, 22:59
Yes Keith, I also remember Ron Kerley from the Shell lightening ships in the 70's, a good Captain.

alan mason
9th August 2009, 00:40
I sailed with 1st Mate Ron Kerley in the Glesulla when the west africa fields took off a fantastic 14 months down in Port harcourt probian1

9th August 2009, 09:34
My first meeting with Ron made me think it would not be a good trip (but he turned out to be fine and it turned out to be a good one). I was on the bridge of a lightening ship in port (& in uniform) repairing the radar & Ron had just joined, he came onto the bridge in civvies and remarked "What the **** do you think you're doing!" my reply "Repairing your radar Captain" naturally my heart sank at the prospect of him for several months - but as I said it turned out to be a good trip.

ray laws
10th August 2010, 01:04
I was 2nd cook on the Drupa in 73 doing breakfast. An order came from the saloon for well done bacon. The Chief Cook, drunken Duncan said "throw it in the fri fri. Up went the bacon. 10:30 Capt Kerley has his walk about.
"Who did the bacon this morning" he ask.
"Him" says the cook pointing to me.
"Well I like crispy bacon but it shattered all over the f- - k- - g saloon " was Capt Kerleys reply.