The two Queens sounding off at each other

20th December 2008, 14:35
Hi all,
This video I came across today, the two queens sounding off at each other in passing. And what a sound indeed, sheer music to the ears. There are some other liners you'll all recognise too, this video for me is a gem.

See them here (


Sarky Cut
20th December 2008, 15:11
Nice shot of a Bullied Pacific as well.

I was only over that crossing last week.

I can remember waiting on the beach for the waves to come up as they went down the Solent. There was many a picnic spoiled for the unsuspecting visitor who plonked their towels down by the tide line!

The later cruise liners being so shallow draughted have no effect even when they are transiting the navigation channel at 14/18 knots.

20th December 2008, 15:15
Many times we passed each other in the north atlantic and about 2/3 miles distance and you never actually heard the others whistle, you only saw the steam coming out of the whistle. Some trips with fog right the way across and the whistle blowing every minute and the engineers cabins up on the top deck, once again you hardly ever heard it.

20th December 2008, 16:22
a fine clip.........many thanks.

thanks also go to trotterdotpom for the accompanying musical rendition on his organ.
a great piece of fingering there john.

12th June 2009, 21:16
A treat indeed