Let's not forget Christmas

20th December 2008, 14:52
Almost 3 weeks without any new posts - surely everyone hasn't sailed away on winter cruises. Whilst I don't have a great deal to say on this site I enjoy reading everyone's comments so:-
Happy Christmas to all Brocklebankers and all good wishes for 2009 - John

20th December 2008, 15:30
Christmas greetings to you John and a prosperous new year with many more to follow. Bon voyage. Ex Cunarder.

20th December 2008, 16:38
Likewise - a Merry Christmas and a peaceful 2009 to all Brocks ( and other) familes.

Derek Roger
20th December 2008, 19:46
Thanks for the greetings John ; good health and prosperity to all . Derek

ken carr
20th December 2008, 22:23
Firstly may I wish you all a very Happy Xmas & New Year, actually this is my second attempt at greeting you all, I launched a similar thread in Brocks section on the 16th Dec,unfortunately it was removed without comment so once again A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL
Kenneth Allan Carr

20th December 2008, 22:51
And a Nadolig Llawen to all on here!


Tony Selman
22nd December 2008, 11:10
I was just coming on the board to say the same, not many postings recently so let's see some action with some seasonal greetings.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

22nd December 2008, 11:27
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year John and all members from down under it looks like a warm one this year they are talking 33C+. The prawns and beer better be cold.


Roger Bentley
22nd December 2008, 14:18
To all the Sahibs! Have a real cool Yule and a Swinging New Year. Best Wishes, Roger

23rd December 2008, 08:32
Wishing all my Brocks friends the best of Christmas wishes and good fortune and health in the New Year........

23rd December 2008, 15:39
HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A GREAT 2009 to all old Brocklebank people.
We are a diminishing breed !!
Nadolig Llawen hefyd i bob Cymro lle bynnag y bo !
Sid Davies

23rd December 2008, 18:42
Best wishes for Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all the"BROCKS" and indeed all members from Canada!-20 Snow.Freezing Rain,Ice pellets,Rain!!!!I raise my glass of Vodka to you all.



24th December 2008, 16:58
Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year to all ex Brocklebankers and Cunard-Brocks.

Stuart Henderson

28th December 2008, 17:40
Hi Guys

Christmas Greetings to you all, remember those Christmas days in Calcutta, Colombo and at sea, now safe ashore. But we did enjoy our selves.

All the best for the New Year, could be some squalls ahead.

God go with you all

Michael Meredith