John Rogers
29th July 2005, 00:05
I guess you all know how hard it is to trace family roots. Well today I tried to do it on ships I once sailed on, its unbelievable how many owners a vessel passes.
Found some good web sites and I bookmarked them in case anyone would like to view the sites. (Dare not post the addresses here because being keeled hauled is no fun). (*))
One site listed all the Fort and Park boats that were built, and the countries/owners that received them. One old gal I sailed out on had been re-named six times,the Russians had her for the first three years on lend lease before she was handed back to the UK. (Night)

29th July 2005, 00:27
John your new sources of info sound great and I respect the fact that you are reluctant to risk keel hauling by posting them here. I wonder if it is not too much trouble if you would mind sending them to me in a private message.

John Rogers
29th July 2005, 00:54
Msg received and understood ..Over

Mike Tiernan
29th July 2005, 02:44
Sounds good John, perhaps you could include me for these sites, most I have already but yours just may contain more info.

Doug Rogers
29th July 2005, 07:07
Me also please kind Sir, can never have enough!!.

29th July 2005, 08:03
may l also request being included for a pm with the web addresses.
Could help me with a little research l am about to do.
Thank you,