arthur white r/o 1954/74 sends xmas greetings

21st December 2008, 22:44
christmas and new year greetings from arthur white, residing in cleveleys, lancashire, to all Blue Funnel shipmates.

arthur was radio officer with ocean fleets and lecturer at the nautical college
Fleetwood for many years.

he is keeping in fine health and extends best wishes to all for 2009

15th February 2010, 20:05
hi, anybody know the above man ? he was engineering supervisor ( he had a mobile phone the size of a small suitcase) at utc in 1982/3 on a tug i worked on ( euroman? it laid the cross channel power cable 84/5 ? ) in ramsgate harbour , he and a friend of his (that i met in jacksonville,florida was then a lloyds surveyor) had done their apprenticeships together on the irishman (built in 67 ? now pacific standard ) as boys ?
he made a comment to me one day that, that was why a i had done my appenticeship , to be able to stand thigh deep in oily water servicing the clutch, on the euroman .

Sister Eleff
15th February 2010, 20:14
Hello TOaO, try sending Sparkie2182 a PM (personal message), click on his name in the post above and that will give you the options.

15th February 2010, 21:44
sparkie ...can you empty your pm inbox IT IS FULL !

15th February 2010, 21:51
PM inbox emptied as requested, but i fear you are certainly referring to a different Arthur White.........